"It's never too late to start your life over."

You know how it is, you're just minding your business, doing whatever it is you are doing and all the sudden, something catches your attention, be it a car, or a woman, or an airplane at 30,000 feet and BANG, you aren't doing what you were doing before, you are distracted by said shiny thing. Yea, welcome to my life.
"I'm not stupid, I'm easily distracted."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Racing

Yep, I went out and did it again.  This time it was a national caliber race held right here in good old Phoenix.  What that means is that I raced the same course that the Pros did, except that I did it the day before, and FAR FAR slower.  

I still accomplished my goals though:  Don't fall down (much), and have a good time.  

I know I beat somebody in the race though.  I know this because he got a flat tire and as he was about to get back on the course I flew (its all relative) by him I kicked him into a cactus where he remained for the remainder of the day.  Part of that is not true.

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