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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Base 1

So I'm going to start training tomorrow. I know that this begs the question, "Training for what?" Unfortunately I don't really know how to answer that.

There is a process to planning a racing season. I learned it from the book The Mountain Biker's Training Bible by Joe Friel. The first step is to do a self assessment and then clearly identify your goals for the season. Then you identify they key races that you want/need to do well in in order to achieve your goals for the season. You then set up your training plan so that you "Peak" for those key races. You then work backwards defining the other periods of the training plan. Those periods are Base, Build, Peak, and Transition.

Tomorrow I start the Base 1 period. For those of you familiar with this methodology, you probably recognize that it is probably too early to start Base 1. I agree. On the other hand, I am in such terrible riding shape that I am going to do the 4 weeks of Base 1 twice and the 4 weeks of Base 2 twice. That will give me plenty of time to build a good solid aerobic base before I get into the three Build phases right before I peak for my first "A Category" race the week of 24 March.

This of course begs the question, "Which race is that?" The answer to that is, of course, "I have no idea." Not to mention that much of the month of March I am going to be... Well, I have no idea what the month of march holds for me. The other problem is that most race series calendars have not yet been published. Heck, most of them are just finishing up, they have barely begun to think about the next races. I suspect that I will be racing in Arizona or Utah during that time. Most races in Colorado don't start until much later in the year. In fact, I am pretty sure that most people in Colorado are still skiing during that time.

So, Base 1. Tomorrow. Needless to say, I am a bit excited. Might as well get in as much training as I can before I end up back in Germany freezing my, uhh, toes off.

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