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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I know you are my boss, but do I really have to listen to you?

It has been a busy week. I have been working on a new video for the Dagger Portal. I got it all done today and sent it to my boss for approval. It is infrequent that he doesn't make at least some change to a product I submit.

Today’s change was for me to change some of the pictures in the video so that there were more people wearing the 1st ID patch in the video.

Sounds pretty simple, however... What you must remember is that most of the brigades in Baghdad are all cut up with units all over the country. Let me explain. One of our units deployed early and is in east Baghdad. One deployed to the far west and is working with the Marines. One of them is in south Baghdad and for a while (and again shortly) they worked for a different brigade. Since we have been here, we have had ten battalions in this brigade and of the actual combat battalions, only one of them has been in the 1st Infantry Division. Sounds like a crazy way to run a war huh? So what does this mean to the video? Well, what it means is that I don't really have any pictures or video of people doing war stuff wearing the 1st Infantry Division patch. Oh, I have lots of pictures of a 1ID guy fixing a truck, or guarding a gate. I could have taken those photos in Germany!

Of course, I tried to explain this. This process was asymptotic to talking to a post. A post that interrupts you that is.

So I am going to scour my database for pictures of people with 1ID patches on their shoulders. I think there will be lots of shots of guys working at desks. All of the guys with the sexy hunter-killer jobs are wearing other patches.

Of course here is the real kick in the nuts. He also told me that I have to do a video of the people from the headquarters doing what they do. Now THAT should be a snoozer. "And here is Mike typing on his keyboard." "And here is Terry typing on her keyboard." "Oooh look, Kevin typing on his keyboard." "Frank! Asleep! On his keyboard!" I can't wait.

I will, of course, be featured in this video. Typing on my keyboard.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and don't forget the guy who is in charge of all the people sitting at their desks typing. He too, sits at his desk...and types.